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Winter is Coming Soon!

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Avoid unfortunate cold weather-related headaches and damages with Bevara’s winterization tips.

Interior To Do's

Heat: Verify all building heat systems are operating as intended. Don’t forget to check if vacant area heaters and mechanical room heaters are working properly.

Vacancies: make sure we are walking through vacancies and ensuring the heat is on and all is well.

Exterior To Do's

Gutters: It is best to clear gutters and roof drains to allow for proper drainage and to minimize ice buildup before the first snow.

Building Penetrations: Be sure all pipe and other penetrations are properly sealed. Improperly maintained wall penetrations are an open invite for cold air as well as pests.

Hose Valves & Connections: Turn off interior water feed, disconnect hoses, and drain valves.

Irrigation: Be sure all plant/landscaping irrigation systems are clear of standing water.

Doors: Check that all exterior entry doors have the proper weather guards and sweeps in place.

Plumbing & Fire Protection Systems: Inspect your fire protection system's air sources, air pressure levels, low point drains, and antifreeze solutions in accordance with NFPA25. Inspect all heat trace/tape to ensure it is operating if equipped.

If you would like any assistance with winterizing your properties please put in a work request and we would be happy to get it scheduled!

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