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We help take the guesswork out of capital planning and provide a thorough building assessment for an accurate picture of property sustainment costs. At Bevara, we empower real estate owners to make data-driven decisions about their properties and ensure they stay on track with budgeting needs.

As local eyes and ears, we identify inadequacies with property conditions and vendor services to make sure your assets are being taken care of. So whether you are preparing to sell a property or need a building overview report for a prospective tenant, our Building Inspection team is here to get the job done.


Site Characteristics

(Paving, Landscape, & Utilities)

Structural Frame & Building Envelope

Mechanical & Electrical Systems

Plumbing Systems

Heating Systems


Air Conditioning & Ventilation Systems

Vertical Transportation

(Elevators, Lifts, Escalators)

Safety & Fire Protection

Interior Elements

Probable Cost Estimate (Optional)

Areas of Expertise

Bevara maintains hundreds of facilities and millions of square feet of assets around the United States.

Job Opportunities

We are always looking for hardworking individuals to join the Bevara team.

Technicians at Work


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